Our Focus
Climate and Environmental Sustainability Research and Dialogue Program (CES)
This thematic area focuses on the challenges associated with climate change and how concerted research and community based dialogue can be used to  impact policy and behavioral  change.
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The consequences of climate change  has led to mass migrations and  pushed several populations into relatively smaller arable spaces, triggering an  increasing competition for land, water, and other key resources. This reality  now serves as a causal factor for several conflicts in Africa and beyond.

Conflict Research, Prevention and  Mediation Program (CRPM)
The focus of this thematic area is to delve into conflict causality through collaborative research, while exploring preventive, de-escalation, and mediation strategies
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Terrorism, Youth and  Violent Extremism Program (TYV)
This thematic area focuses  on research into  terrorism  and the agency of youth; issues of  radicalization, violent extremism; and how they feed into acts of violence  and  conflicts.
Cyber Security, Social Media and Statehood Program (C3S)
The increase in internet penetration on the African continent has brought in its trail several associated challenges, including cyber threats and the use of social media as a tool for misinformation and as  an effective asymmetric weapon for attacking  democratic structures. The thematic area is devoted to finding integrated comprehensive solutions to these challenges through collaborative research.
Maritime Security Program (MS)
This thematic area focuses on issues  associated with maritime security and delves into  how best  practical solutions can be crafted through collaborative  research and capacity building to address issues such as Piracy; Illegal, Unregulated , and Unreported Fishing; and Human trafficking, etc.
Changing Landscape Dialogue (CLAD)—conversations without Borders
The Changing Landscape Dialogue  (CLAD) is a quarterly meeting specifically designed to bring stakeholders, analysts, etc., together to discuss  salient security issues affecting any particular African country or social sector and to proffer  workable solutions through dialogue.
Training Programs ( TPs)
Training Programs rolled out under the Desk are need-based and specifically tailored to address the human capacity needs of  targeted climate, peace and security  challenges.